Thursday, August 29, 2013

Junior Turbos Bucket Heads

We are so pleased to tell everyone that we won the Property Brokers competition we entered.  We are officially Junior Bucket Heads.  We won a ticket for everyone in our class to next weeks Turbos game, and a ticket for a parent to come with us.  We also get a Turbos Flag and a bucket.

So, next Saturday 7th we can all come to school and get picked up by the Turbos bus and taken down to see their last practice.  We can bring a pen and something for the players to sign after they practice.  Then on Sunday we get to go to the game and all sit together.

We can't wait.  You should've heard the noise we made when Barry from Property Brokers and Nick Crosswell (the Turbos Captain) came to tell us we had won.  We are so excited.

Check out our photos from our bucket head decorating competition Nick did with us today.

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