Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Milk in Schools

Mrs Kenyons parents Mr and Mrs Jones told us what it was like when they got milk in schools in the olden days.  They had their milk in glass bottles that were delivered to the gate of the school.  In the winter the milk kept cold but in the summer it use to heat up and didn't taste very nice.

Mr Jones visits with his pens

On Wednesday Mrs Kenyon's parents came in and showed us Mr Jones collection of pens.  We got to share them around and see lots of different kinds of pens like the dog pen.  We had to share them round in a circle and we got to have a look at them and touch them.  He had 170 pens to show us.  In his collection he has over 6000 pens.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Conservation Week

This week is Conservation Week so the Middles went down to Waitoetoe Park to plant some trees.  We were lucky enough to have the trees donated to us by the Kiwi Conservation Club.  We planted lots of NZ native tress - pittosporum (lemon wood), kahikatea (white pine) and griselinia.  Take a look at the photos of us getting muddy AND helping the environment.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Turbos Weekend

In the weekend LC6 went on the Turbos bendy bus.  It was fun.  It was croaked in the bendy bit.  In the bendy bit when the bus turned there was a big circle bit and it turned with us.
By Mary

On Sunday I went to see the Turbos rugby.  When I got there it was really cold but when it was half time my dad got me two hotdogs and to chips.  The Turbos won by 15 and North Harbor got 12.  The best part was seeing the Turbo Man.  He threw lollies but I didn’t get any because there were a lot of kids there and they got all of them.  So I went back to watch the game.  Some of the Turbos had a fight.
By Cassidy

On Sunday the class went to a rugby game at the FMG Stadium to see the Turbos V North Harbor.  The best bits were having a hi-five with ITM Man and a handshake with Turbo Man.  It was so fun!! 
By Solomon

My favorite part of the weekend was going to the Turbos practice.  At the practice I saw a man with stitches just above his eyebrow.  That day I got about 13 signatures.  I also got two posters.  They were practicing so hard.
By Tahlia

On Saturday we went on the bendy bus.  It was fantastic to go in it for the first time ever.  We went to the FMG Stadium twice, Saturday and Sunday.  Saturday we went to meet all the Turbos and on Sunday they won against North Harbor.  I think it was the windiest day ever.  My favorite player is Nick Croswell because he never gives up at been a good captain and I like his boots.
By Jayden