Monday, November 25, 2013

Welcome Mr Durkin

A big warm LC6 welcome to Mr Nic Durkin.  Mr Durkin will be in our class this week and next as our Student Teacher.  We will be learning all about Weight & Capacity and Procedural Writing while he is with us.  The fact that Mr Durkin turned up at school today with 30 shoe boxes also means we're in for some fun times.  What are they for?  What will be doing with them?  Watch this space!!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

TV Advert - Crazy Art

TV Advert - Paper Book Girls

"The Ten Waka" - Dragon Reading Group

The Dragon reading group (Jaime, Nia, Emma and Estah) read a book called "The Ten Waka".  It was about 2 children that made 10 Waka for Christmas presents for their family.  They made a special Waka for their Nana.  
Take a look at the Waka that they made.  They used twigs, paper and leaves.  They floated!!!