Monday, April 21, 2014

Waitoetoe Park (EOTC)

We always have plenty of fun visiting Waitoetoe Park.  On this visit we went for a bush walk, mulched some more trees, rubbed leaves and had a game of seaweed and bat down.


Boat Making and Floating

As part of our Education Out of the Classroom (EOTC) week, we had a go at making our own boats.  Some floated better than others.

Awapuni Library

We had a wonderful time visiting the Awapuni Library this term.  It was amazing how many children hadn't been before.  Seeing the children with their own library cards was a real treat.  We will be lucky enough to have the Mobile Library visit us in Term 2 and 3.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Volcano Art

After making our own volcano with vinegar and baking soda, we decided to paint a volcano. Once we had painted we put sand and glitter on the paint to make it look like larvae.  The children also write some wonderful volcano stories and science reports.

I painted a volcano with sparkly black.  When I put the fire on the volcano it looked like the volcano was angry.  I put some sand on the volcano and gold glitter to make it look sparkly.  It looked amazing with the colours on the volcano.  The colours looked like crystals.  
By Brayton, LC16

Boom!  I erupted like two rocks banging to the ground.  Crash!  Bang!  Larvae forming.  Down the mountain, rocks crashing and tumbling down.  Houses bashing down.  Then I stopped.  The larvae stopped and the rocks too.  By Cayden, LC16

Right Choice Day - Term 1, 2014

LC16 had a wonderful Right Choice Day.  We've made paper planes with the Turbos, basketball with the Jets, bowls with Tim from Manawatu Cricket and had some great fun popping balloons with Elijah, Catherine and Sjaan from Massey University.  We also had a special visit for Kori (the Lido mascot).  What a great Right Choice Day!  Not bad for a rainy day.