Thursday, August 29, 2013

Milk in Schools Launch

Riverdale School hosted the "Milk in Schools" launch today.  It was wonderful for Riverdale as we got to see the Milk Tanker when it came to school.

More fun learning!

Junior Turbos Bucket Heads

We are so pleased to tell everyone that we won the Property Brokers competition we entered.  We are officially Junior Bucket Heads.  We won a ticket for everyone in our class to next weeks Turbos game, and a ticket for a parent to come with us.  We also get a Turbos Flag and a bucket.

So, next Saturday 7th we can all come to school and get picked up by the Turbos bus and taken down to see their last practice.  We can bring a pen and something for the players to sign after they practice.  Then on Sunday we get to go to the game and all sit together.

We can't wait.  You should've heard the noise we made when Barry from Property Brokers and Nick Crosswell (the Turbos Captain) came to tell us we had won.  We are so excited.

Check out our photos from our bucket head decorating competition Nick did with us today.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Swimming Survival at the Lido

We've had lots of fun learning to survive in the water this term.  We've worn life jackets, learnt to kick properly with flutter boards, jumped in the deep end for the first time and some of us have even got to have a turn in the row boat.  We're having such a good time.

Check out the photos of our learning.

Fish Buying

Due to the death of one of our fish, Kamil, Callum, Maisie and Isabel went down to Animates Pet Shop with Mrs Kenyon today to buy some new fish for our tank.  We saw some guinea pigs and the turtles but weren't allowed to take them back to school.
Check out the photos of our adventure.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Market Day Discovery Time

Today Middle Magic got to visit all the middle classes and 'create' products that might inspire them to make something fantastic for the Market Day in Term 4.  Students could make card, envelopes, bookmarks and paper caterpillar's with Mrs Kenyon.  Pet rocks, butterfly's or water creatures were available in Mrs Mercer's room.  Mrs Marychurch had a wonderful flower theme and Mrs Ruawai had a water/beach theme going on.
Students created products, looked at what might sell and why.  Many students realised that speed, quality and usefulness were really important when creating products.
Take a look a look at some of the products students made.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Dr. Seuss

This term LC6 is going to read as many of the Dr. Seuss books we can find.  He wrote 60 of them and we have read 11.  We have a long way still to go.  To celebrate the 11 that we have read, we had a Dr. Seuss day today.  Mrs Kenyon set up rotations for us to go around.  We made Cat in the Hat hats and masks, drawings of Truffula Tress with pastels and "One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish" art.  We also  had Mrs Arthur and her children come in to read us a Dr. Suess story "Oh, the places we'll go" and competed in a Dr. Suess quiz.  What an exciting day we've had.  Take a look at our photos.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Term 3 Swimming lessons

We love swimming so much we think we should be allowed to do lessons until the end of the term!

I think we should have swimming until the end of the term because it makes your legs and arms stronger. Swimming make you run faster and climb faster.  Swimming is awesome because you get to do fun stuff and play with your friends while learning new skills.  Swimming makes you healthy.  It is good for your body. That is why I think we should have swimming until the end of term.  By Tyler

I think we should take swimming for the rest of the term because it is a good sport.  You get stronger because you move your body a lot especially your arms and legs.  Lastly being able to swim is a really good thing because it can help you survive in deep and dangerous water.  That is why I think we should have swimming for the rest of the term.  By Joshua Briggs

I think we should take swimming lessons for the rest of the term because some people really like swimming. People really want to learn more things about swimming and lastly people want to know how to swim and that is why I think we should go swimming.  By Jaime

I think we should take swimming lessons for the rest of the term because firstly it helps us with our exercise and gets our arms moving.  Secondly its so fun we really enjoy it also the teachers are so helpful and nice.  Finally it  makes us get better and faster at our swimming skills.  That was my three reasons why we should do swimming lessons for the rest of the term.  By Mia

I think we should take swimming for the rest of the term.  Firstly so we can make our arms stronger.  Secondly if you crash in a boat in the deep sea so you can save yourself.  Lastly you will be able to tread water that is why I think we should do swimming for the rest of the term.  By Dylan Calder