Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My Taniwha

My taniwha has colourful scales.  It is a man eating taniwha.  It has teeth so sharp and shiny it can almost blind its enemy.  But the worst part about him is he can be camouflaged to anything.  He has a really big scar on his face.  His best power is breathing flames from his mouth.  He has a big roar.   By Josh B

My terrible taniwha has a round head, spikey teeth and 6 pitch black legs.  His body moves like a slithering snake.  It looks like a terrifying monster.  His shiny, slippery scales are indigo.  The taniwha lives in the long grass.  He loves hiding in the long grass.  My taniwha goes roar when he sees a person.  There are lots of korus and stripes on his body.   By Isabel

My Taniwha is black with maori patterns over it.  It is a very terrifying taniwha.  It has a loud roar.  It is black, silver, orange, gold and brown.  It is a very big taniwha.  It is very evil.  It has sharp shiny claws and shiny teeth with blood dripping from them.  It has six legs and a very long tail.  By Jack Conley

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