Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Matangi and the Taniwhai

A man called Matangi was a famous hunter.  He came over to the Manawatu because he hears there were lots of birds that he could hunt.  He was supposed to go home afterwards but decided to stay.  He sent for his whanau to come and join him.

Now, there was a Taniwha.  He had a red horn on his horn, sparkling blue scales and six legs.

As Matangi's whanau were coming over the hills the Taniwha ate 12 of them.

Matangi was so angry he picked 12 of his best warriors to help him fight the Taniwha.  They had spears, fir poi and nets made of flax.  They made a trap for the Taniwha.  They called him names and the Taniwha roared at them.  They fought for 12 hours.  Then, the Taniwha tripped on a stump.  Matangi and his warriors caught him with their net.  They killed him and buried him in a swamp.

Today the swamp is still there.  It has black water.  The swamp is said to be tapu (or sacred).

Matangi and his whanau lived happily ever after.

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