Friday, February 15, 2013

Reading in LC6

You could help at home by talking to your child about what is being read.  This is a wonderful opportunity to make connections with his or her life, develop concepts and understandings and develop an awareness of what the black squiggles on the page mean.

You may start your conversation with questions such as:
• Do you remember when you …?
• Who do you know that has a ……… (dog) like the one in this story?
• What do you think this story is about (just by looking at the cover)?
• What do you think will happen next?
• Which characters do you like best?

Pausing for discussions should be a natural part of the reading process.  Sometimes your child will stop and ask you questions, and other times you  may ask the questions and direct your child’s attention to specific aspects of the story.  This should always be a fun way to explore the story/information.

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