Sunday, February 24, 2013

Andy the postman

Andy the Postman came and visited LC6.  He showed us the bike he rides to deliver the mail.

Did you know there are 32 posties in Palmerston North?  Each postie delivers about 1000 letters a day.

Each morning Andy gets to the Manawatu Mail Centre at 7am so he can sort the mail.  He has to sort it all to make sure he knows where it all has to go.  Once it’s sorted he can head off on his bike and deliver it all. 

If someone has put an incorrect address on their letter, or forgotten to put a stamp on the letter, he has to stamp it and send it back to the person who posted it.  But if there is no return address on the letter it is sent to Wellington.  It is kept in Auckland for 1 year in case anyone tries to find the letter.

We learnt a lot about what happens to our mail from Andy.  Now we are going to write him a letter to thank him for coming to see us.

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