Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Conservation Week Winners

A huge congratulations to LC16 for entering the Conservation Week writing competition.  The Department.of Conservation have awarded them with a $50 book voucher for their class.  Well done LC16.

I like the Esplanade because it has a swimming pool and the water is blue.  It is big.  I like watching the train.  Zoom along.  The water is freezing cold.  I like the flying fox because it zooms to the end of the tyres.
By Hayley Watson

I gazed at the diamond blue river as I ran through the emerald bushes.  Nature is all around me, this is my local treasure.  I like to run in the pitch black forest.  I like to relax in the luscious green grass and look at the cloud and imagine pictures in the clouds.  There is lots of nature.  That’s why Waitoetoe Park is my local treasure.
By James Rattanak

Whoosh!  Whoosh!  The slight breeze zoomed against my face.  The diamond blue river is swirling down the hillside.  I ran up the small mountain with luscious lime green grass.  I gazed at a lovely flying sparrow in the air.  I love nature.
By Jake King

Walking through the river with the very nice breeze.  The sun is shining on me while I’m pedalling on my bike.  I’m gazing at the black and white birds while I’m waiting for my mum to catch up.  I am getting very, very sweaty.  The Manawatu River is very beautiful.
By Alex Drayson-Hirst

My local treasure is Waitoetoe Park.  I love Waitoetoe because the sun looks gloomy and bright through the trees.  You can see dogs that are pitch black, tan and cream.  Waitoetoe Park has lots of trees with thousands of olive green leaves.
By Clare Staines

I’m biking through the bush walk.  I can feel the fresh air on me.  Nature is all around me.  The bush walk is so long so I get to spend lots of time in the wild.  I like the sun shining on me in the bush walk.  When I get to the end I can see the diamond blue water so I put my feet in the pond.  I love the bush walk by the Esplanade.
By Brayton Mackley

The Manawatu River is a perfect place to have lunch.  There is a bush walk and the train leads into the trees.  When the trains stop there is a playground.  I like flying down the slide.
By Matthew Locke

My local treasure is biking to the Esplanade.  I like listening to the birds chirping and seeing the bright green grass.  When I get to the Esplanade my favourite thing to do is the train.
By Logan McLaughlin

 Feel the breeze, the oxygen around me, my heart is pumping as I watch the ducks and swans swim past in the diamond blue river. I gaze at a bird spread his wings and take too the skies. The cool stones, the trees shaking their lime green leaves. Nature is all around me. The pea green grass waving in the breeze, the water running down the stream. I’m in LOVE with the Manawatu River!!!
By Daniel Nhim

My local treasure is the Manawatu loop track.  There are interesting trees and possum holes.  My favourite part is the look-outs.  You can see a long way in the distance.

By Bailey George

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