Wednesday, October 22, 2014

My Local Treasure

My Local Treasure
The light blue birds are tweeting, the water is sparkling, the wind is blowing in my hair. Nature is all around me. This is my local treasure, Lankayan Island. There is a long bridge under me, there is a big building in front of me, at the back is the royal medium house and the beach. There are beautiful forest green trees in front of me. It’s a very calm and peaceful place.
By Ying Ying, LC16

My Local Treasure
Feel the breeze, the oxygen around me, my heart is pumping as I watch the ducks and swans swim past in the diamond blue river. I gaze at a bird spread his wings and take too the skies. The cool stones, the trees shaking their lime green leaves. Nature is all around me. The pea green grass waving in the breeze, the water running down the stream. I’m in LOVE!!!
By Daniel, LC16

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