Monday, September 22, 2014

Operation Christmas Child

Over the last few days our class has been learning about Operation Christmas Child and we have helped by supplying twelve shoe boxes for the organisation to send overseas to poor countries like Ethiopia and North-west Africa.  I think we did about five boxes for girls and seven for boys.  

Most of the girls' shoe boxes had hairbrushes in them.  We wrapped the lids of the shoe boxes in Christmas wrapping paper and the rest of the shoebox with brown work paper.  I felt very grateful about doing very generous things for children who live in poor countries like the ones I mentioned before.  

Operation Christmas Child is an opportunity for children in poor countries to learn things about different countries that they might not know of yet.  Some European countries,  like Romania, are actually poor.  Lots of people in poor countries don't have toys or something to play with.  That is why my class is helping to provide things for kids in poor countries.

by Ciaran Mace LC16

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