Thursday, August 21, 2014

Superhero Friday

What a fabulous Friday to turn ourselves into Superhero's.  Check out the costumes that Elijah shared with the class to get us in the mood.  We made up our own Superheroes.  We made masks, drew pictures, wrote about them, did a couple of reading activities and played literacy games on the computer.  We had a fabulous day.  Check out some of our writing.

"Once upon a time there was a superhero who saved the world.  She was a tooth fairy.  She saved a little boy from sinking in a deep pool.  She went swimming in a pool and then had ice cream". By Hayley

"My superhero is called Fat Head.  He destroys stuff with his head because it is made of steel.  Ow.  It hurts". By Iziah

"In another dimension there was a superhero called Mr Strong Man.  He swooped down and saved some citizens.  They killed their bad guys with his lazer vision.  Ready for another adventure.  His favourite thing to do was save the world.  He likes being friendly all the time.  Then he went to do it all over again.  Swoop!  Kill the bad guys with the lazer vision and went home to rest".  By Travis

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