Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Ireland is in the continent of Europe.  The population is 4.59 million in Ireland.   The capital of Ireland is Dublin.  In Ireland they play the bag pipes and a violin.  The celebrations are St Patricks Day.  They speak English and Irish.  In Ireland there are leprechauns and four leaf clovers.

By Kody

In Ireland the capital is Dublin.  The special holiday is St Patrick's Day.  The continent is Europe. In Ireland there is a special instrument that is a violin and bag pipes. In Ireland they can play rugby.
By Abby

The name of the place is Ireland.  The continent of Ireland is Europe.  The capital of Ireland is Dublin.  The population is 4.589 million.  Dance is Riverdance.  The traditional sport is soccer.  Instrument is the violin and the bag pipes.  In Ireland they celebrate Saint Patricks Day.  In Ireland leprechauns live there.
By Travis

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