Wednesday, October 16, 2013

School Lunches

We watched a video clip about school lunches.  The first class had healthy food and most of them had their lunch.  In the other school some people didn't have any food.  Other people had junk food with no fruit.  Some of them didn't even have bags at school.  But the school provided a piece of fruit for the kids.  Some people had to starve.  It was very sad.  The first school was decile 10 and the other was decile 2.  It's a big difference.
By Emma Ellwood & Isabel

We saw a news team going to schools.  One class had 24 kids.  23 had breakfast, 24 had lunch and 22 had a piece of fruit.  The second school had 27 kids.  Only 21 had breakfast, 14 kids had lunch and none had fruits.  Some didn't have lunch or bags.  Crazy!
By Solomon & Jack

We watched a movie about children with no healthy food.  They had no fruit.  Some had a little bit to eat.  They got one piece of fruit from the teacher a day.  They weren't healthy.  It is disappointing they don't have healthy food,  It is sad they weren't learning properly.  They should get ore food and they looked really not and thirsty and hungry.
By Joshua Briggs

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