Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pania of the Sea

Once there was a women called Pania.  She lived in the sea.  One day when Pania came out off the sea a man called Karitoki made her his wife.  Every morning Pania would go back to the sea to see her family and the sea people.  Every day when the sun went down Pania heard her husband singing so she came out of the sea to see him.  Karitoki didn't want Pania to go to the sea so he asked the Tohunga to help him.  The Tohunga made magic.  But, the magic did not work.  Pania was very sad because Karitoki had asked the Tonhunga to make magic so she would stay.  Pania dived into the sea and turned into stone.  She always stayed in the sea.
By Isabel Lu, LC6

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